The Curious Case of Nick Bosa

Abrahim Karzai, Staff Writer

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The Ohio State University.

That’s right, emphasis on the article. If you are a college football fan this is how you identify the Buckeyes. Another way to identify the school is to call it a football factory, a place where first round talent prepares itself for the NFL. Of course, the 2019 NFL Draft should be no different.

One name at Ohio State that stood out from the rest of the pack this year is talented defensive end Nick Bosa. However, Bosa’s sheer talent on the field is not the primary reason the 6’ 4” edge rusher is in the spotlight right now, it’s because Bosa is sitting out the season.

The brother of Los Angeles Charger defensive end Joey Bosa and the son former first round pick John Bosa, Nick has been stellar during his time with the Buckeyes. With 47 tackles and 17.5 sacks, Bosa has been money. And speaking of money, that’s just why Bosa isn’t playing this year.

When the topic of paying college athletes comes up, it’s a big deal and it creates a lot of argument.  But it’s been an interesting ordeal for Bosa, who is recovering from surgery for a core muscle injury. He’s been out since September, so his season was in jeopardy anyway. But there was still a chance of Bosa returning for a late season stretch run. That’s the viewpoint of those who don’t see the money in Bosa’s future as the primary factor in his choice to not play again in 2018. For those who see it from Bosa’s standpoint, the choice is simple: sit out, rehab, and then ready yourself for the NFL Combine in late February.  This is really the first time a player of Bosa’s stature has chosen to sit out a huge chunk of the season to prepare for the draft.

If you take a minute to examine this case, you have to hand to Bosa. It’s a bold move for a young prospect to take the upper hand and focus on his own potential success. Critics would use the words selfish to describe his actions,  but all is fair when it comes to the moolah.

Bosa deserves this. He left it all on the field during his 3 years at Ohio State.  Even Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer voiced his support for his player.

In a press conference in mid-October, Meyer recognized the decision by Bosa as a tough one, but the right choice. He said, “I know this was an extremely difficult and emotional decision for Nick {Bosa} and his family… I want to thank Nick for the remarkable efforts he gave for this program. He is a first-class young man who we have been honored to coach.”

Bosa is betting on himself.  Come April for draft time, he’ll be ready to cash out and play for whatever NFL team has the honor of drafting him.  


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