“On My Block”  – Where is Season Two?

Leslie Nunez, Staff Writer

Fans of the Netflix show “On My Block” are struggling to get answers to some important questions, such as: Are Ruby and Olivia alive? What did Jamal do with the Rollerworld money? Is Monse’s birth mother ever going to come into her life and answer all of her questions? However, perhaps the biggest question from these fans is: When is season two going to air?

“On My Block” is a TV-14 show that debuted in March of 2018. In no time, it became another must see show on Netflix. Season one was full of drama and tragedy; and, most importantly, the show demonstrated to many young viewers the importance of friendship. That sounds like a typical teenage TV series, but this show has some special elements to it.  

The setting of the show is Los Angeles, California. It is not the rich side of Los Angeles that you tend to see on social media that makes you think “I want to go there someday,” but the poor side that’s full of violence and gangs. There is so much diversity incorporated into this show that makes it fun to watch. The show revolves around the life of a group of friends: Ruby, Jamal, Caesar, and Monse. All four friends have different personalities and are unique in their own way. This diversity is something that differentiates “On My Block” from other shows. The truth is, friend groups aren’t a bunch of people who act the same and have the same personalities. They’re full of unalike people who have varying interests and approaches to life.

Season one of “On My Block” isn’t full of stereotypes. Its friendships are not all rainbows and butterflies. It shows what it’s really like having a group of friends. This group of friends has been through a lot on the show’s first season: secrets, lies, and periods of no communication between them.

The first season of the show is a short rollercoaster of emotions, but there wasn’t any other rollercoaster I would rather have been on than this one. The excitement and unexpected turns that “On My Block” had were magnificent and a little emotional at times. It doesn’t make sense why directors and writers don’t incorporate more factors like the ones in this show into new shows, since this society focusses and demands more diversity, in just about everything. Of course, the answer is because aspects like this are what makes this show atypical. It simply is not your typical show. The little things that, at first, seem meaningless in the dialogue and setting of this show are what make it great.

In the second episode, Caesar is forced into a gang called The Santos because his brother and cousins run the gang. Although Caesar grew up around gangs his entire life, he was afraid when he officially joined the gang. That is a great message to all boys: it’s okay to be afraid and show this fear to your friends. It shows that expressing your feelings is never a bad thing, and that everyone needs people they can express themselves to. The group responds to Caesar’s fear by trying to help him escape from the gang. This show alone taught me that communication is key, not just in relationships, but most importantly in friendships.

What happened the last five minutes of the final episode left everyone, including me, with teary eyes and many questions. Ruby and Olivia take a bullet that was meant for Caesar; and Jamal found the Rollerworld buried money that everyone thought was a big myth.

I am super anxious to see what season two has in store for us. I hope it’s a continuation of the roller coaster that season one took the audience and I through from week to week.