Unpredictable Maryland Weather

Giodona Campbell, Staff Writer

Everyone knows that there’s no other weather that is out the cut than DMV weather. We are currently in the month of January, and so far this winter has been pretty awkward, don’t you think? Perhaps the unusual fact that we (Montgomery County) had our first snow day in November, but had to wait until just the other day for our second one, is just not what we expect around here. However, upon closer inspection it should be. That’s Maryland weather: expect the unexpected.

I was confused if we were in the right season because Silver Spring was in the high 50’s smack in the middle of December. A factor for unexpected spikes in temperature is the geography of Maryland. We are basically in the middle of the east coast. This means that sometimes we get warm air that moves up to us from the south, and sometimes cool air coming down from the north. In addition to that,  Maryland has elevation slopes from the mountains, which affects our climate.

According to New World Encyclopedia, “Maryland has highly variable regional climates for a state of its size, dependent on many variables, such as proximity to water, elevation, and protection from northern weather due to downslope winds.” Plainly speaking, what this means is that Maryland’s unreliable climate is the way it is because of its size, elevation, and proximity to the Chesapeake Bay.

So, what I’ve learned about living here for 12 years is to always be prepared with both your inclement and nice weather gear, because you never know how our weather will hit us, especially in fall and winter.