Super Bowl or Super Dud?

No Matter What Your Answer, the Patriots Just Won Their 6th Title


Nathan Terry, III, Staff Writer

Super Bowl 53 between pitted the LA Rams against the New England Patriots in the biggest game of the year, but the Super Bowl did not live up to expectations.

The Patriots beat the Rams in an all-defensive game that saw the Pats win  their 6th ring. However, the Super Bowl is supposed to be, well, super, but this one was anything but as it ended up being the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history at 13-3.

Both teams struggled throughout the game on offense so defense would have to make a stand on the field. NFL predictions were wrong saying the Pats were going to lose 31-28, and they were wrong to think that either team would score even close to that much. Overall, the game was very slow with Pats only leading 3-0 at the half, which left people hoping for an exciting second half. Of course, that was not to be as the Rams only managed three points and the Patriots ten more.

One interesting aspect of the game was that the first and only touchdown did not come until 4th quarter. Breaking across the plane of the end zone was rookie running back Sony Michel, who was a bright spot for the Pats as he rushed for 94 yards. However, the real MVP was Julian Edelman, who finished with 10 catches and 141 receiving yards, all of which were big in a tight game.