The Saga That Almost Derailed a Dynasty

Jamie Bishop, Staff Writer

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It started with the 2015 AFC Championship game  game between the Patriots and the Colts, a match up better known as  Deflategate.

Despite the game’s lopsided outcome, 45-7, Patriots,  the allegation that Tom Brady deliberately ordered the deflation of footballs during the game would not only tarnish the win and, to some extent, the Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl title, but would lead to Brady’s 4-game suspension in the upcoming 2015-2016 season.

However, for New England, this meant that Brady’s backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, would get a chance. Garoppolo always had controversy around his name as pundits wondered “How good is this kid actually?” Countless analysts debated as to when it was time to hand the keys of the Patriot dynasty to the young gun. Garoppolo would go on to win both of his two starts convincingly before getting injured and giving way to another young signal caller in Jacoby Brissett.  

For many, Garoppolo’s two wins and performance was all it took.  These performances seemed to make up Belichick’s mind that, come 2017, it would be time to move on from Brady. However, Patriots owner Robert Kraft wasn’t having it. During the off season, Kraft vetoed countless outcomes that would send Brady packing. Garoppolo would eventually stay behind Brady before being sent to San Francisco in 2017 and Brady would go on to win two of the next three  Super Bowls to secure himself as the man in power in New England for years to come.

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