Popular Career Choices at Paint Branch

Jocelyn Wade, Staff Writer

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By the time students get to high school, they normally have some idea of what career path they want to take. Some people go into a certain career because it’s what they like to do while others go into a career because of how much money they can make. No matter what one’s reasoning is for a specific career it’s important to you and what you what want to get out of it.

Throughout my four years in high school, I’ve learned that the there are three main career choices that many students want to go into: nursing, cyber security and engineering.

Nursing is a major I’ve heard that many students want to study in college. It is sought out not only because it’s a great career, but also it offers people an opportunity to help other people. A nurse’s job is quite diverse. It is often associated with performing medical examinations, taking care of wounds, and a wide array of other activities involved in health care. According to U.S.News, a typical nurse’s salary can start around $57,000 a year and, depending on their level of experience, they can make up to about $86,000 a year. Anna Potts, a senior in the nursing program, says, “I’m choosing to major in nursing because I love helping people in their time of weakness. There is also so much to learn when it comes to medicine and nursing.”

Cyber security is not as popular as nursing around school but many students have mentioned that they would like to major in this emerging field. A cyber security analyst will monitor networks and ensure safeguards are in place to protect information from viruses, hackers, malware, and other issues. According to ZipRecruiter, a cybersecurity analyst in the United States will make about $96,185 a year. “The reason I decided to pursue cyber security is because I was inspired by the opportunity given to me by Thomas Edison. Also, I can see myself in a position where people count on me to protect their network,” stated Andre Barrow, a senior.  

Engineering is another popular career choice that provides a wide range of areas. According to Carly Stockwell, the most common type of engineer is a mechanical engineer, followed by electrical and civil. Normally an engineer will use math and science to build products that meet customer and societal needs. There is a wide range in salaries related to careers in engineering. What one can make depends on the type of engineer they are and how advanced they are in their job. Environmental engineering is listed at the low end of the salary spectrum with a starting salary of $59,008 a year and computer engineering at the high with a salary of $176,900 a year for those who have the most experience. Olivia Wade, a ninth grader, says “I want to major in engineering because I love math, science and being able to design different things.”

No matter the career path you choose to pursue, be sure that it’s something you think you have a passion for and that it is something you believe fits you well.

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Popular Career Choices at Paint Branch