What Not to Say to a Girl

Doris Bull, Opinions Editor

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I have a message for the young men out there who seem to be unable to understand something very simple. Don’t ask any girl “Are you on your period?”

Girls – just like guys – have off days and things can frustrate and irritate us. Irritation and frustration does not equal anything in particular. It is foolish to try and figure out if a person’s bodily functions are affecting that person’s emotions. Asking a girl if she’s on her period when she is upset is the equivalent of telling her to calm down during an argument. Even if she is on her period, asking her about it is never a good or appropriate option.

A few days ago, my friends and I planned to go to the movies but I was having a bad day and did not feel like going. However, my friends stayed on me and convinced me to get out of the house and join them. While I was out with the group, I was a little distant from them, and a wise friend of mine, who happens to be a boy, asked me, “Doris…are you on your period?”

His question provoked me, but instead of losing my head I simply told him that I was not on my period. I’m not sure why I told him this, but I didn’t want to ruin everyone’s fun evening with the “negative energy” I was giving off. Assuming the moment was over, I continued to sit in silence, but then was stunned to hear him say, “Ok, stop acting like you are, you got everyone worried about you.”

Of course I wanted to defend myself and give a smart response but I chose to ignore the ignorance. I understand that he originally asked me mostly out of good intentions and to see what was wrong, but there was definitely a better way to ask if I was okay.. The second comment was what caused me to spazz out on him. It was not only unnecessary, but it was offensive.

Young men of the world, you have no idea what it’s like to be on your period so leave the topic alone. I, for one, don’t care to share mine with you and I certainly don’t need your comments.

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What Not to Say to a Girl