What Does Paint Branch’s Engineering & Technology Program Have to Offer?

Giodona Campbell, Staff Writer

One of the signature programs at Paint Branch is the Engineering/Technology program. This rigorous program provides students with opportunities to take classes that approach education in a different manner than most of their more traditional classes.

Technology – or Tech – classes help students expand their creative horizons with a lot of hands-on project based learning that uses a wide array of techniques. These include vex robotics, coding, and advanced software. One exciting new aspect of Tech involves a recently added software, PLTW 2018 Autodesk Inventor, which provides the visualization of three-dimensional prototypes, that aids student in developing unique objects.

The courses offered in Tech include Civil Engineering, Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Tech Innovations, Computer Systems, Pre-Engineering, Introduction to Engineering Design, and Advanced Design Application. Next year, according to first-year department head Ms. Tillet, they are hoping to bring in a new course called Digital Electronics, which would be the third introductory course. The program is led by teachers Michael Diamond, Pamela Tyler, Janae Valle, and Ms. Tillet.

“The program primarily disciplines them [students] to be organized,” says Ms. Tillet. “They keep notebooks, and [are taught] to think as an engineer that’s in the twelve-step engineering design process.”
So if you are gearing toward the career path of becoming an architect, a software engineer, or an inventor of a new device then this program is the right fit for you.