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Dear Jordan Shorter,

I loved your article “Pretty Girl (Dis) Privileges.” Many people think that being pretty is supposed to be first priority. People should be able to wear whatever makes them comfortable – whether it’s sweats, jeans, makeup, or no makeup. Appearances are not everything; eventually when we grow up, they will go away. Intelligence will always be with you. Others should not judge someone based on what they wear or look like. Sometimes I hear people ask, “Wow, who you dressing for?” and I’m thinking, “so girls need someone to dress up for? Someone to impress? No we don’t!”

Everybody has insecurities and everybody has the right to express and have them [just] like you mentioned in paragraph 4. Additionally, what people say can hurt and cause many more insecurities. I love how you expanded one of your themes to relate to other groups of people, like athletes. Everybody has a right to feel how they feel and be respected for it. I’m so glad you wrote about this topic. Can’t wait to read the [next] edition!



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