On My Block: Following the Twists and Turns of Season 2

Leslie Nunez, Staff Writer

For eager fans of the Netflix series On My Block, the wait for March 29th felt like decades. Finally, the wait is over and season two is finally here. On March 7th, fans received a teaser for season 2, on the youtube channel for Netflix. The teaser, which was  the opening clip to the new season, had fans raving about the show and coming up with their own theories about what would transpire. The opening clip marked a place in everyone’s heart as it stuck true to the show’s focus of linking kids and violence, demonstrating the reality of life, and showing that everyone is affected by violence – even innocent kids. On My Block has constantly touched the hearts of its viewers by continuing to show the importance of friendships and the realities of dangerous cities such as the one presented in the series. If you have not watched season two, and wish to, this may be a spoiler for you.

Netflix left us with a cliffhanger in season one, where the condition of Ruby and Olivia were unknown after they were shot. The opening clip teaser that was released ended with Ruby waking up in a casket and Olivia mourning with Ruby’s grandmother. This led fans to believe he died, and Olivia didn’t. However, it turns out that  Olivia is the one who died.

This new season is more emotional than the last one. There are important moments affecting several characters including Ruby, who is suffering from PTSD, Caesar, who is homeless after being kicked out of his family’s gang and Monse, who reconnects with the mother who abandoned her as a baby. As for Jamal, well he finds ways to help his friends through their problems. Throughout the second season, the series continues to show its young viewers the importance of friendship. We mainly see this importance through the constant support that Monse, Ruby, and Jamal give Caesar through his tough times. He must face the consequences of lying to his brother and the rest of the gang members, which is what led to the fatal shooting we see in season one. It shows the ups and downs the friend group has, how they overcome it, how they all support each other, and how selfless they can be, especially considering the fact that they all had their own problems. Netflix did an excellent job demonstrating what true friendship looks like.

Unfortunately, everything has an ending, and after the emotional rollercoaster this season took us through, we got left with another cliffhanger, which seems like an On My Block tradition now. In the end, fans will be shocked to see the friend group kidnapped, all four of them, and it’s unknown who did it. Once again, we have eager fans waiting to see what Netflix has up their sleeve. Season three, we need you.