Environmental Science Fair

Students Present Topics That Inspire and Enlighten

Asha-Lee Peterkin, Staff Writer

“We are trying to bring awareness, bring attention to all these environmental ideas and topics that are harming the environment but are all easily able to change.” These were the thoughts of Environmental Science and Biology teacher Ms. Smink, who, along with her Environmental and AP Environmental students, hosted a science expo to present their research and findings regarding our environment.

The fair took place on Wednesday, April 4th, along the main PB hallway throughout the day. The fair was made up of a variety of displays including posters, videos, and hands-on aspects that drew visitors in and allowed the students to convey their information.

Two presentations really stood out. The first included a poster on the high levels of carbon dioxide in the ocean, which seniors Maricarmen Gamez Alvarez and her partner highlighted with a clever and eye-catching slogan that said, “the ocean will become flaccid if we continue to make it acid.” The other, a presentation advocating for switching to electrical vehicles by juniors Michael Osei and JT Klassou, was intriguing due to the topic and the students’ investment in the science related to it. Klassou, who was asked if he would buy an electric car himself, exclaimed “Yes! At first it will hurt your pockets but in the long run it will save you money and help the environment.”

In Ms. Smink’s eyes, the class and the fair provides an opportunity for Paint Branch students and the community to gain a greater understanding about the world around them.