How I’ve Learned to Deal with My Learning Disability

Malik McCallum, Staff Writer

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Some kids were born differently from others. These are kids who were born with learning disabilities, which makes life difficult in many different ways. I’m here to tell you why no one should have to go through this tough life with no real clue as to why they have to deal with the issue.

One of the problems for people in this circumstance is that, in many cases, scientists aren’t sure what transpired to cause their issue, whether it be physical, emotional, or mental disability.

Not all humans are alike on the outside. On the inside it feels like we’re the same. Anyone can succeed, and be anything they want to be in life. But for those who have something to deal with it can be more of a challenge.

I should know, because I have gone through this for 15 years. I have always had a feeling that I would be different from my family; not the same, not normal. When I found out that I had learning disabilities, I was shocked. I didn’t want to have learning disabilities; I wanted to see with my own eyes if there was a way of getting rid of my disorders forever. I just wanted to go back to the one night – which is what it was in my eyes – when something happened in my DNA. I wanted to go back and get the meaning, the truth, and the secrets.

Even today, I still feel like I need to know why I have learning disabilities. I want to know why some do and some don’t. Is it just luck? I know it is science, but still, is that it? If there were a pill that I could take to change it or reverse it, I would.

Until then, I will just work hard to try and deal with it. There are many people in our world who are examples of how hard work and perseverance pay off. The effort required to do something and keep doing it until the end, even if it’s hard, are endless. This makes sense, because if you’re doing something in spite of all the difficulty, you’re being strict on yourself. Everyone has a life, and what you do with that life is up to you. For me, it means that I need to learn to adapt. It means believing in myself. I may have learning disabilities, but I will not let that stop me from anything. No one should tell me that I can’t do anything, and  I shouldn’t think that I can’t do something because of it. I have to know I can.

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