The Death of Thanos!!

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The Death of Thanos!!

Nyasha Marufu, Features Editor

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Avengers Infinity War left us with a feeling of emptiness and loss after the dramatic ending where Thanos erased half the population, including many of our favorite characters. Then, Marvel fans waited patiently – okay, anxiously – for the sequel, Avengers End Game.

Well, that time finally came and it did not disappoint. On April 22nd, the Avengers assembled for one last time to take down the mad titan and bring the series to an end. The fourth installment of the series, like all of the other Avengers movies, made a lot of money during its opening run about 350 millions dollars on its opening weekend and 1.2 billion dollars for the global box office haul just 5 days after initial release.

Even critics are loving the newest Avengers film. IMDB gave it a 9/10, Rotten Tomatoes a 96%, and IGN a 9.5. The critics are right as this movie has amazing action, a ton of famous comic book characters, and an ending that was absolutely tear worthy. I think all the fans’ patience was worth it.

The action in the film is truly breathtaking. The movie doesn’t have a lot of action in the middle as it works to build up to the key moments at the end yet, the action that does take place is presented in an exciting way. All the CGI and stunts within the movie blend perfectly to make all the action scenes more impactful. I didn’t see even one mistake with the CGI or anything that looked too fake.

The best part of the Avengers Endgame for me is the characters. Nearly every Marvel superhero is here and the last hour, with exciting action and fight scenes, is something super special for every Marvel fan. The original 6 Avengers: Iron Man [Robert Downey, Jr.], Captain America [Chris Evans], Black Widow [Scarlett Johansson], Thor [Chris Hemsworth], Hawkeye [Jeremy Renner], and the Jolly Green Giant, Hulk [Mark Ruffalo] are all together for one more fight. Of course some of the heroes have to go away, but this movie allows us to see them in action one last time together.

The ending of the new Avengers movie is powerful. Having the saga end the way they did made me and others think about how the next saga might be, and how phase 4 of the Marvel cinematic universe will play out in the future. I am actually really excited to see what Marvel come up with for the next Marvel film. The Avengers will never be the same without the original 6 members, but there is something exciting rising on the horizon. I really think this movie is the best action film ever created. It had a grand ending, tons of great characters, and amazing action. It is a long movie, but it is worth it.

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