Retiring Staff Look Back on Their Time in the Classroom

Soncheree McCampbell, Specials Editor

Each year Paint Branch must say goodbye to its graduating class. No, not the seniors, the retirees. This year, PB sends five people, Dr. Dorr, Mrs. Boslego, Mrs. Levine, Dr. Coleman, and Mrs. Mitchell, into retirement.

Dr. Dorr has taught at PB for 14 years as the Media Specialist and has worked in education for a total of 36 years. Dr. Dorr believes that his experience at PB has been a blur, which is why it is difficult to pin down just one favorite memory.

One thing he is sure of, however, is that he will miss teaching students life lessons and talking to his colleague, Ms. Burns. Now that he is retiring, Dr. Dorr is excited to “do whatever and not having someone complain about it.” As for what piece of advice that he would like to give to the PB community, he responds: “life is tough and short, so don’t take it too seriously.”

Mrs. Boslego has taught a total of 13 years, with all but one of them at PB. Throughout her teaching career, she has taught Medical Terminology, Medical Science with Clinical Applications, Foundations of Medicine, and Medical Careers (internships).

One aspect of teaching that she has truly enjoyed has been having former students come back and visit, making her feel like she has contributed to their personal growth. In retirement, she is excited to travel, read, and “do whatever [she] wants to without a lot of scheduling issues.” However, while she’ll enjoy those aspects of life, she admits that she will miss witnessing the growth of students becoming healthcare workers. Mrs. Boslego would like everyone to know that they should be nice and remember a mantra from Etienne de Grellet that she feels conveys an important message: “I shall pass through this world but once. Any good that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any living creature, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.”

Mrs. Levine has been a Food Trends, International Cultures and Cuisines, Financial Planning, Banking and Credit teacher at PB for 11 years. Prior to her time at Paint Branch, she also worked in the field of education. For 33 years she spent her time “serving as the Director of Education at a Religious School, working in community-based health education, and teaching pregnant middle school students in a one-room schoolhouse in Louisiana.”

Mrs. Levine has had an abundance of great memories teaching at PB, and she is glad that most of them were “centered around acts of kindness.” Although she will miss pursuing her passion of teaching, she is looking forward to spending more time on other pursuits including spending time with family and friends, dabbling in photography and ceramics, traveling, learning and growing spiritually, exercising, growing a vegetable garden, experimenting with cooking, and maybe even writing a book! In saying goodbye to PB, Mrs. Levine would like for Paint Branch to know that “each new day is a gift and each person a blessing.”

Dr. Coleman has been involved in teaching for a total of 16 years, with 6 of those at Paint Branch. While at PB, she has taught Matter and Energy, Astronomy, Biology, Foundations of Medicine, Anatomy and Physiology, and has been a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

Her favorite PB moment has to be the historical sheep brain dissections and outdoor astronomy labs. Dr. Coleman will miss the “beautiful faces, insightful questions and answers, creativity, intelligence, and kindness” of her students. She is excited about retiring, though, because it will afford her more time with her 6 beloved grandchildren, the rest of her family and friends, and to become more involved in her church.

As Dr. Coleman departs, she would like for people to remember that “Science is amazing, but God’s word is even greater.”