My Advice to Underclassmen


Jordan Shorter, Staff Writer

I’m demanding a change. An immediate change. I am absolutely exhausted, and it’s the end of my junior year. In a way 11th grade is like having a baby. No matter how hard people try to prepare you, you are never truly ready until you get there.

If I knew last year what I know now, I would have eased up on the AP’s and had my priorities straight. I am ending the year strong, however I am disappointed in my overall performance which really stinks because this year is the most important year of high school. But my performance isn’t my main point. I really want to talk about how there are basically two weeks left in the school year and I am still swamped in assignments from all of my classes. And it is not just small things: I mean  huge 50 point projects and studying for summative tests. It’s too much. How am I supposed to plan my college recommendations or summer applications for scholarships when I’m worried about the monologue that I have to do for AP Lang or a presentation for AP World?

Obviously, signing up for advanced classes is a challenge,  but I truly do regret doing this to myself. I don’t think that it has been worth it at all. Honestly, I slacked because I ran out of steam. It’s just too much and some classes have just been too hard. If I could go back and change things, I would go back to when I made my schedule last year and completely change it. There is honestly too much on my plate. And the worst part is that some teachers really don’t help at all. They don’t take into consideration that most of their students are working on college applications, or that we have six other classes to worry about. I mean it is the end of the year and I have so much work to do that I have no idea how my final grades are going to turn out.

My advice to underclassmen is to carefully evaluate your course selections before choosing. Sure, taking three or four AP’s might sound cool at the time, because you think it’s what colleges look for. But I’m certain that colleges would prefer a higher GPA from a student that takes mostly honors than the struggling GPA of a students who took way too many AP’s. Especially if you do a sport or an extracurricular, you have to keep that in mind. You have to be realistic and think about the classes you are taking  and if they are worth the stress and possible dent in your GPA. Do not ruin the transcript you’ve worked for your entire high school career over a course decision that wasn’t well thought out. If you know who you are and know that school isn’t worth losing your sanity, please be extra careful when selecting the courses that have a major impact on your future.