Families Hit the Halls for Back to School Night

Mainstream Staff, Staff Writer

Parents and other family members gathered at Paint Branch on Thursday, September 12th for the annual Back to School Night event.

After being welcomed into the building by smiling throngs of students who volunteered their time for the evening, families had the opportunity to walk down Martin Luther King, Jr. hallway and visit a wide array of tables that featured administrators, school programs, and clubs. At each table, representatives provided insight into the many programs PB has to offer and answered any questions that families may have.

After visiting with these groups, families gathered in the auditorium for a short presentation and overview of the night, before heading out to classrooms. With just a few minutes to get to each class, families learned just how big the building is and how confusing it can be for “first time” students at PB. However, with a variety of students volunteering as guides, everyone got to class and was able to listen to teachers provide an overview of their course content.