Senior Unity Day Cancelled

Refunds Possible, Future Event May be Scheduled


Picture from 2017 Senior Unity day at Smokey Glen Farm

Emmanuela Geneste and Markayla Merchant

Senior Year is something we all look forward to. Expensive dresses and tuxes,  the festivities of our last spirit week, and putting on a cap and gown as we walk across the stage in front of our classmates for what may be the last time we see each other. However, this year things may be a little different.

One event of senior year that many look forward to is Senior Unity Day, a day dedicated to the celebration of the senior class. A day without the worries of school, classes, or teachers. A day dedicated to seniors. 

 Senior Unity Day has been a tradition for twelve years, beginning with the class of 2007, who were the first to gather in the name of unity. This year, the event seemed to be ready to go with the day planned as it always is with the distribution of t-shirts, a class photo, the boarding of busses, and then a day at Smokey Glen. There would be volleyball, soccer, music, and food. However, as school began, so too did rumblings about senior unity day’s cancellation.

So for the second time in the tradition’s history, seniors did not unite during September.

SGA Class President Yael Beshaw understands the importance of the day, but sees the cost as an issue. ‘’It is an important opportunity for us to get together during class, however, 42 dollars is not worth it,” said Beshaw.

Fellow senior Israel White, who was not excited for the day to begin with also felt that cost was an issue.  ‘’The cancellation of senior unity day was a good thing because it is a waste of time, and nobody is gonna pay for it,” said White. 

Another senior, Ivy De souza claims, ‘’I wouldn’t have gone anyways,I could’ve done that in my own house.” 

Seniors who paid for the event do not have to worry, though. According to Ms. Pettis-Jones, there will indeed be a refund available for all transactions made. In order to facilitate this, a mass google classroom link was sent out to all seniors providing directions on how to do so. If seniors don’t want a refund, they can consider using the money to pay off their senior dues. 

The festivities of senior year are not over, however, as according to the Financial Aid office, their will be a separate event planned ahead in the year. In the meantime, if you are a senior, focus on making the rest of the year count.