Summer In Japan

PB Sends 5 to Saga, Kyoto


Five PB Students visited Japan this summer.

Maria Poulos, Guest Writer

This summer, five Paint Branch students and their Japanese teacher, Mrs. Korn, travelled to two cities in Japan, stayed in a small town with host families, and went to a Japanese school. The group may have begun their journey to Japan in late-June, but the process actually started much earlier as months of planning, fundraising, and organizing took place leading up to the trip.
Students were elated to say that they got a chance to go to Japan. “The fact that this was actually possible was unbelievable,” said 9th grader Leah. The trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only go to Japan but to also experience aspects of Japanese life. Living with host families during the trip was quite an experience for students. For each traveler, the host family became their real family and each student said that they will continue to communicate with them. Living with strangers taught them a type of kindness that will last a lifetime.