Dangerous Lead & Red Meat

Angel Benjamin, News Editor

Health, whether physical or mental, is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. Every day brings new information, new studies, and new theories that can have substantial impact on one’s lifestyle.
Red Meat Not so Dangerous? For years, people have been told that consuming red meat is damaging to their bodies and that overconsumption could lead to various diseases. However, despite the warning, Americans still “eat meat in quantities that are double the global average” reports James Hamblin of The Atlantic. Still, despite the analysis, this is not an excuse to eat large heapings of red meat, especially since many medical organizations continue to caution people to eat meat in moderation.
EPA Sets New Lead Rule. People have also been told about the dangers of lead in drinking water. This reached its apex in 2015 in Flint, Michigan where dangerous levels of lead in the drinking water caused severe health issues. According to Stephanie Ebbs of ABC News, the issue is still a concern, including situations that require “medical intervention” and lead to mental and physical delays and diseases. Lead transfers into the drinking water through lead pipes, which carry water to residences. Although the number of people exposed to lead in their drinking water is not as high as in previous decades, the severity of the issue remains. There have been efforts to combat this problem, including, according to Ebbs’ report, a new rule set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that looks to “reduce exposure to lead from drinking water around the country” in various manners. The government agency’s rule will hopefully see results in the near future.