Schools Everywhere at the College Fair

Trinity Goppy, Features Editor


To help students develop a better idea of what kind of school they would like to attend, learn about specific programs that

schools offer, and gain a better understanding of the cost of college, Paint Branch held its annual college fair. The event,

which took place on Thursday, October 17th, featured over sixty schools.

The gym was filled with seniors and juniors who wandered from table to table to learn about each college that came to the event. At each table, students encountered representatives who provided information that ranged from the cost of the school to what majors they offer.

Additionally, students were able to speak to representatives and gain a better understanding of what each school could offer them. Some of the schools that drew a lot of students included Albright College, Baldwin Wallace University, Coppin State University, Elon University, Frostburg State University, Harvard Club of Washington D.C. Hampton University, Montgomery College, Northeastern University, York College of Pennsylvania, Trinity Washington University, Spelman College, McDaniel College, Virginia State University, Southern University & A&M College, Seton Ha

ll, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and many more.

Senior Peter Totangi expressed what qualities would persuade him to apply to a certain college and what would be his dealbreakers. “The college has to have my preferred major and the best boarding system, he said. “But if I feel out of place then that would be a dealbreaker.”

Junior Nissan Kaassa has a good idea of what she is looking forward to once she is in college even though it is a couple of years away. “I’m excited about the freedom that comes along with being in college and searching for what I want in life independently,” Kaassa said.

The college fair gives students an opportunity to learn more about their dream college or learn about places that they haven

’t considered. Students were able to partake closely by looking at the various booths and speaking to representatives who

really know the school. Fortunately, many students took advantage of the opportunity to miss a class period of work to

attend the important event.

Overall, the college fair benefitted those who attended and gave them a glimpse of what is to come after high school. Students took the opportunity to learn and inquire about the wide array of higher education opportunities available, including many from out of state.