Trinity’s Take: New Music

Trinity Goppy, Columnist

The Kids are Alright by Chloe x Halle
Rating: 4 ½ stars

Chloe x Halle is reshaping hip-hop and R&B in their own image on their debut album. The Beyonce-approved sister-duo is definitely ones to watch. The Bailey Sisters were signed to Beyonce’s Parkwood imprint in 2015 and she took them on the road as an opening act on her “Formation” tour. This gave them the experience and a ready-made audience to explore and grow into their new and improved album.

The Kids are Alright, an 18 song album, shows the amazing vocals and creativity of the Bailey sisters. The message that is constantly being delivered is that it is okay for kids to be kids and the future rests in good hands. This is shown recurrently throughout the album in songs like “Warrior” and the title track “The Kids are Alright.”Like the album before it, “The Two of Us”, this album provides smooth and soulful vocals. You can hear the growth in their range, although at times listeners may want to hear more musical instruments to give a more leveled out experience. They make up for this by keeping the listener engaged and wrapped in their songs where you can hear their individual voices, but also hearing how they come together to make a powerful and raw sound. Standout tracks include “Grown”, “The Kids Are Alright” and “Hi-Lo”. The Kids are Alright is a true experience and now everyone can see why Queen Beyonce signed the sister-duo.

“Noir” by Smino
Rating: 5 stars

If you haven’t heard of Smino, then you should definitely check out his eccentric style of music. His style consists of futuristic funk and soulful rap. Although he hasn’t made his big debut into the mainstream yet, he has been a musician all of his life. He has recently collabed with artists including J Cole, Big Sean, No Name and Chance the Rapper. This just ensures that Smino is climbing on the competitive ranks of the music industry.

Noir, an 18 song album, introduces new listeners to a unique side of what is considered hip hop. Smino is not conforming to a box that the music industry tends to put artists into. This album shows more of a fun and versatile side of Smino than his previous albums BLKSWN. The album’s production consists of funk and soulful beats that help pull listeners into the music. Noir shows Smino’s ability to use different voices and change tones, sometimes at the same time, a skill that he makes weightless and honeyed. You can hear the relaxation and rawness in his verses and that makes everything come together to make beautifully. Standout tracks include “We Got The Biscuits”, “Low Down Dirty Blues” and “HOOPTI”. Whether or not Smino becomes a mainstream artist, his music has quality and brings something special that the music industry is lacking deficiently.

“Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo
Rating: 5 stars

Lizzo is finally being recognized for her amazing artistry after being an indie artist for about 10 years. Today she is dominating the charts and finally getting the appreciation that she deserves with her first major label debut album . The first thing to know about Lizzo is that she is always in an energetic mood that says what everyone’s thinking, so you know she has to be lit!!!

Cuz I Love You, a 14 song album, exhibits the layers of her artistry as she raps, sings and plays the flute in songs like “Truth Hurts” and “Bye B****h”. This album really shows a message of internalized and externalized confidence and when you listen to it you can relate.

Cuz I Love You really centers on body-positive and self-love messages as she shows off her shiny, soulful voice. Unlike her last album, Big GRRRL Small World, Lizzo establishes that connection with her audience more that allows people to become their own cheerleaders. Every song has a new mood, vibes and rawness and this is shown especially on tracks like “Jerome”, “Tempo (feat.Missy Elliot)” and “Juice.”