Trinity’s Take: New Music

Trinity Goppy, Features Editor

Swoozy Baby by Al Roger, Jr.
Rating: 5 stars
Be on the lookout for up and coming artist Al Rogers, Jr. This 25 year old Baltimore native has a sound that is a mix of neo-soul and a funky rap style that has made him quite popular in the Baltimore music scene. Swoozy Baby, his second album, expresses positive vibes, or swooz, as he likes to call it throughout. Rogers has a very diverse style and brings a unique twist to his artistry by incorporating his personal experiences while growing up in Baltimore and creating a blend of Baltimore club music and R&B influences.

Swoozy Baby, a 10 song album, shows off his versatile rap style that compliments his soulful and mellow voice throughout the album. Rogers brings a more mature and fun side to Swoozy Baby than his previous album, BrightHeartedN***a. This album’s production pulls listeners in by his beat-driven songs and the effortless transition of speeding up or slowing down or even crying out on a verse. Swoozy Baby shows Roger’s ability to incorporate clever word play on multiple verses that tell a story throughout each individual song.

Overall, this makes the album feel raw and energetic.You can hear the rawness and relaxation in his voice, that makes listeners vibrant. Standout tracks include, “This Ain’t A Love Song,” “Sumptin Strange” and “Spider in the Tesla.” Roger’s dynamic spirit makes the album idiosyncratic and this is why he is definitely going to bring something to the music industry that hasn’t been seen in years.

Over It by Summer Walker
Rating: 4 stars
Summer Walker is bringing soothing melodies to the charts with her new album, Over It (although the popularity of the album shows that she is far from over). Walker is becoming a voice for most women who are going through relationship issues and that makes her popular among the younger crowd. Walker has collaborated with PARTYNEXTDOOR, London on Da Track, Drake, Usher and many others in the industry. This shows that although she is new to the music industry, she is already making a name for herself. If she is doing this now, just imagine what she will do in years to come.

Over It, an 18 song album, reveals her artistic ability as she expresses her frustrations about men who refuse to acknowledge her existence on social media and in public. Walker’s voice pours smoothly into beats, making listeners feel connected even more with the album. Walker consistently shows her singing abilities to compile a mixture of emotions that exhibit authenticity throughout the album. Compared to her last album, Last Day of Summer, Walker has become more developed in her artistry which makes the current album so relatable. Standout tracks include, “Body,” “Playing Games,” and “Over It.” This will definitely not be the last time we will see Walker.

Al Youngboy 2 by Youngboy Never Broke Again
Rating: 5 stars
Teenage rapper NBA Youngboy is probably the most relatable rapper in society today. His music is filled with pent-up aggression and anxiety that makes most teens relate to what he is going through. Youngboy came onto the music scene in 2015 and since then he has been showing more and more growth. His collaborations include Kevin Gates, Dababy, Future and many others.

Al Youngboy 2, a 15 song album, demonstrates Youngboy’s ability to incorporate his blend of personal trauma and treacherous relationships that makes listeners listen closely to his lyrics and relate. Youngboy shows his structured writing skills because although he is talking about what he is going through, he is not unhinged. Youngboy often changes his delivery from scarred to vulnerable.

Overall, this album is one of his best because he is dives into heartbreak that most artists are not willing to talk about. Standout tracks include, “Lonely Child,” “Carter Son,” and “Ranada.”