The Great Holiday Movie Debate

“This is my house, I have to defend it!”


Zaire Thomas, Staff Writer

Do you ever wish you had the house to yourself? Well Kevin Mccallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, had a splendid time being all by himself in the classic Christmas movie Home Alone

From wishing to never see his family again to waking up the next morning just to see them gone to having the time of his life, Kevin had quite a time being alone. Being alone was unusual for Kevin who had a big family, but, after awhile, he was pretty quick to adjust while his parents were in Paris freaking out. Harry and Marv, the neighborhood burglars who were planning on breaking into the McCallister’s after they had gone away, come to find out that Kevin was the only one left behind. He overheard them discussing about coming to the house around nine o’clock to scare him and take everything they wanted. Kevin was prepared as he iced the front steps, heated the doorknob, and many other sinister tricks.

Harry and Marv had no idea what was awaiting them, which made it much more entertaining. For an eight year old boy, Kevin was quite smart. As I watched every scene I was at the edge of my seat just to see what was going to happen next. I would give this movie five stars because it never gets old. I’m always thrilled and anxious about everything that happens. Home Alone is a traditional movie that anyone could watch and enjoy because it’s most definitely one of those movies you could never go wrong with. 

It’s a Christmas movie that could be watched often never get boring. The movie teaches a life lesson about being careful about what you wish for.  It was obvious that when Kevin woke up the next morning with everyone gone he was sad for awhile because he didn’t truly think that his wish from the night before would actually come true. If you didn’t take any good thing away from this movie at least take away the fact that it’s teaching a wonderful life lesson.