Finally, it’s here, Super Bowl LIV…Who will Win?

Miah Duncan, Staff Writer


On Sunday, January 19th, two very important battles went down. That day determined who would make it to the ultimate showdown: the Super Bowl. Unless you live under a rock, you’re probably thinking who made the cut, but let’s take a look at just how those games went down and what we can expect in the big game.  

In the AFC matchup between  the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans, the Chiefs came out victorious with a score of 35 – 24. After falling behind early, the Chiefs pretty much controlled the game and rolled the Titans. On the NFC side, the San Francisco 49ers dominated the Green Bay Packers in a game that was not even as close as the final score,  37 – 20, showed it was the most mind-blowing game for the 49ers since their last championship. 

Now that we have our champions, it’s time to decide who will go home with the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The 49ers are trying to win their 6th Super Bowl in 25 years and the Chiefs their 2nd in 50 years. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was last year’s MVP and will face a tough matchup with the  49ers and their top defense with Nick Bosa leading the way. 

The Super Bowl will be played in Miami, Florida on February 2nd and  Both teams are very good. The Chiefs have the top offense in the league. The 49ers have the top defense, with an offense that is solid. My prediction of who will win (not because my dad loves this team but because I know they are better)  is that the 49ers will come home with the big win. I believe the 49ers will win even if the Chiefs’ powerful offense has some moments. You can’t miss this big event if you are a Chiefs or Niners fan – though tickets range from $950 to $5,000 if you’re interested in going. It should be a good battle for Super Bowl 54!