Pisces Prophet: (Feb. 14th – March 27)

Soncheree McCampbell, Feautures Editor

Did your life transform during the winter eclipses? If so, this upcoming quarter should treat you better.
On February 16th, Mars will enter Capricorn. Mars is the planet of aggression, action, and desire, and Capricorn is the sign of practicality, ambition, patience, and discipline. Therefore, your goals will be better fulfilled with more structure and focus.

On February 17th through March 10th, Mercury will enter retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde is infamous for derailing communication and efficiency with technology. It is best to postpone commitments, such as signing contracts, getting a new job, or starting a new relationship until after the retrograde is over.
On February 19th through March 20th, the Sun will enter Pisces, initiating Pisces season. Empathy and intuition will become the main focus. However, because Mercury’s retrograde is also in the sign of Pisces, intuition will be suppressed until March 4th. It is best not to rely on intuition during this time, and instead pay attention to tangible facts.

On March 4th, Mercury’s retrograde will enter Aquarius. Because Aquarius is the sign of originality, humanitarianism, independence, and intelligence, there will be confusion between what is original and what is eccentric. It is great to be unique, but it is also important to notice when you are being strange.
On March 5th, Venus will enter Taurus. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, and Taurus is the sign of patience, reliability, persistence, and lovingness. Since Venus rules Taurus, there will be more sense of comfort, pleasure, and stability in relationships. Long term relationships are more likely to develop.
On March 9th, there will be a full moon in Virgo. Because full moons symbolize completion, reflection, and clarity, there will be a strong sense of knowing what you want. Additionally, the full moon occurs in Virgo, the sign of meticulousness, analytics, reliability, and practicality, meaning that once desires are known, you will instantly plan out how to fulfill them.

On March 16th, Mercury will enter Pisces again. Since Mercury will no longer be in retrograde, Mercury’s rule over communication and technology will help us. We will be able to articulate our spiritual thoughts with more ease.

On March 20th, the Sun will enter Aries, initiating Aries season. Aries is the sign of energetics, pioneering, and courage, so there will be a stronger sense of decisiveness and confidence.
On March 22nd, Saturn will enter Aquarius. Saturn is the sign of discipline, responsibility, and structure. Being in Aquarius will add accountability to individuality. Searching for the groups that you belong in will become a larger priority.

On March 24th, there will be a New Moon in Aries. New moons symbolize new beginnings, plans, and actions. Being partnered with Aries’ energy, these projects will be combined with confidence.
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