Dwyane Wade Scores a Victory off the Court


Photo from Today Show

Dwayne Wade speaks to Ellen on the episode.

Jordan Shorter, Staff Writer

In a recent interview on the Ellen show, former NBA player Dwyane Wade opened up about his transgender daughter. In the interview, Wade went into further detail about how his then son Zion, now twelve year old Zaya, came out to him and his wife, Gabrielle Union, about being transgender. It was a remarkable moment for both them, as well as the public.

In the past, there had been speculation all throughout the media about his then son, and where he fit in terms of the LGBTQ community. Before now there was never a clear label in terms of exactly how his son identified. However, The Wades have always shown their support for Zaya; even taking her to a pride parade in the past. 

On Ellen’s show Wade told her, “We are proud parents of a child in the LGBTQ+ community. And we are allies as well.” He made sure to note that after his daughter came out, his love never changed for her. 

Even though I do not personally know Wade and Union, I was very proud of them. They are a great example of what unconditional love is. Seeing a very “masculine” African American man – a former professional basketball player – publicly supporting his transgender child really warmed my heart, because, let’s face it, that’s rare.  In the black community especially, our men typically have to fit the certain standard of masculinity to be accepted. Even being an ally to the LGBTQ community could earn you criticism and judgment. I hope that Wade’s actions and love for his child inspire parents all over to be more accepting of their kids. He has shown us that no  matter what they want to do or be in life, a parent’s job is to just be there for them.