Stuck Inside

Zaire Thomas, Staff Writer

My life just like everyone else’s has taken a pretty interesting turn due to the Coronavirus. Here is a look at what those first two weeks were like in those first days of quarantine.

Day 1 : 03/16/20

I woke up at 6 am forgetting we don’t have school; I was furious. I went back to sleep and then woke up at 12 pm. I ate breakfast and sat in the house watching TV – actually enjoying this “break.” I made spaghetti for the first time; I was scared but it came out good which was surprising. I talked to my friends all day long, hoping the day would go by quickly.


Days 2 and 3: 03/17-18/20

I woke up at 10 am on day two and ended up going to bed at 3 am that night so I woke up at 3 pm the next day. Quarantine means crazy schedule, I guess. I sit in my bed and think about life way more than I’m supposed to. I’m an overthinker. One thing I have done is try to learn something new.  I’ve always watched makeup videos on Youtube but never really got the chance to try so I finally did. It was not that hard but it did take some time. I’ve spent time talking to people, including my mom and my brother. I also talked and watched a movie, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, with my friend. It seems like this whole thing will be full of eating, sleeping, and talking to people – oh, and watching TV.


Days 4 and 5 – 03/19-20/20

As you may know, I wake up late again – around 3 pm – and I do the same stuff I’ve been doing the past 3 days. Quarantine is getting boring and tiring but I watch Grey’s Anatomy (the best show ever!) then after that I took a “nap” around 9. I didn’t wake back up until 2 am and then I called my friend and just relaxed while talking about life. I repeat the same schedule: waking up late and then laying down, eating, watching TV, and communicating with people. Life at this point is repeating itself but also I am enjoying this “little” break off from school and everyone.


Days 6 and 7: 03/21-22/20

I’ve always been a homebody but being told to stay home really gives you the urge to want to leave the house. Around 5pm I read a book about the human brain which was extremely intriguing being that it’s very difficult for my attention to be on one thing. Unfortunately we couldn’t attend church today due to COVID19 which made me really sad; I take pride in our masses. Believe it or not I’ve been losing track of the days in the week, weekends are starting to feel like weekdays and weekdays just feel so much longer. The most exhausting part about this “break” is being in the house for such a long period of time.


Days 8 and 9: 3/23-24/20

Today was one of those days that I didn’t want to talk to anyone at all. I wasn’t picking up phone calls, I wasn’t replying to texts, and I wasn’t even talking to the people in my house. Once in a while I get into these moods where I really just want to spend time with myself. My family sees it as me having an “attitude” but so be it. I left my room once and that was to grab something to eat and I returned back to bed just to end up falling asleep. As slow as the days are moving, I can’t really complain but to be happy that I’m alive because some people have it way worse. For that I’m grateful. The sad part about it is things aren’t getting better at all they’re just turning for the worse.

Days 10 and 11: 3/25-26/20

I know I’m not the only one that’s been feeling like I’m in prison, not that I know what that’s like. It seems like my family members are getting so much more annoying. We’ve been around each other for too long to a point everyone is tired of each other. Governor Larry Hogan extended the closure of schools up until April 24th. Not going to lie, this made me upset but in all honesty I really miss going to school. I can’t believe I just said that. I miss waking up early; I miss teachers talking or ears off; I miss the environment. But most importantly I miss laughing. All day my mom and I binge-watched movies on demand. I guess you can say that’s our mother and daughter bonding time, which rarely happens because she works so much, so when we do get time it’s great.


Days 12 and 13: 3/27-28/20

Today I wanted to get my hands dirty so I cooked dinner. This was really hilarious because I’m never in the kitchen, but it’s good to try new things. I made some wings and chicken Alfredo with a side of kale salad from Costco. You guys should get the salad, it’s tasty. I didn’t know how my mom and brother would react but you never know until you try. My mom thought the wings weren’t seasoned enough and my brother felt like everything tasted fine, which was shocking to me being that I thought this was going to be a disaster.

I didn’t think quarantining would be this difficult. People are fighting for toilet paper, water, paper towels, anything you can name. There are barely cars on the road, and no more rush hour so things are easier for people going to work. My grandma called me today and said that COVID19 would last longer than they’re predicting. Since she’s more prone to catching it, anything that has to do with outside she wants no part in and I can’t really blame her. I’m frightened for her.


Day 14; 3/29/20

Writing all these entries was starting to make me feel like Anne Frank. I was supposed to take my learner’s permit test today but that’s impossible since everything is closed. Today I was searching for something hilarious to watch and I came across a TV show called Boomerang, which is a continuation of one of Eddie Murphy’s movies by the same title. The show is addictive and my mom and I are hooked. It seems as though the only thing helping us survive has to be the TV.


After those first 14 days we got the message that schools would be closed until at least April 24th and that “distance learning” would begin. Distance learning has been hard to manage since it’s something different for everybody but with everyone helping each other out things are coming together and people are doing the best they can.


There’s a possibility that we might not return back to school until next school year which is terrifying since we never expected March 13th, 2020 to be our last day. It doesn’t seem like Coronavirus is getting better at all, I hate to say it but I don’t think we’ll be back by April 24th.