The State Department Declares April as Arab American Heritage Month


Photo Credit: Ramin Talaie from Getty Images and found on ThoughtCo.

Angel Benjamin, Co Editor-in-Chief

For generations, Arab Americans have suffered in the face of xenophobia and intolerance. Constantly stereotyped and discriminated against, those with Arab heritage have rarely had their stories told in America nor have their contributions to American culture been acknowledged. Now, there is progress being made to address that.


          Earlier this week, the State Department declared that April will be Arab American Heritage Month, thus joining a group of states that have been locally recognizing the month in the past. Although this month is not acknowledged by the entire federal government, this designation helps provide a platform and space for Arab Americans to share their histories and cultures. It is a stepping stone to both honoring the community’s accomplishments and addressing their struggles in America. 


          According to CNN’s Mirna Alsharif, a 2019 bill sponsored by Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan is still in the works, which would lead to federal recognition of the designation. Still, by marking April as Arab American Heritage Month, it will inspire other efforts to be taken in helping educate the country and pushing the Arab American community to the forefront.