A Pitbull Life


Boss is ready for summer.

Alexis Council, Staff Writer

This is Boss, my American Red Nose Pitbull, who is 5 years old. All of my life I have grown up with a dog and every dog I grew up with has been a Pit. Some of my friends are actually scared of Pits – or I should say were – until they come over to my house to spend time with Boss. My dog – like other dogs of the same breed as him – get a bad rep because they are associated with dogfighting, having a massive jaw to bite with, and just seem overly aggressive. In my personal opinion, if you train your dog – any dog – that way it will be that way, but if you don’t it will not. Unfortunately, for Pitbulls, this reputation is why a lot of cities and towns make it illegal to own them.

This breed of dog is very loyal to their owners, is very playful, loves meeting new people, and has an amazing personality. I think it is time we stop judging this book by its cover and learn to love Pitbulls a little bit more.