School in a Pandemic: a Freshman Perspective

Theresa Kabasela, Staff Writer

As we all know, during this pandemic millions of students and teachers nationwide were forced into their homes to protect themselves against the Coronavirus. While the Coronavirus came to our attention in late 2019, it wasn’t considered a threat at the time and we were still going out maskless. Then we discovered just how contagious this virus is and everything changed. Before we knew it, the virus had spread to all continents and was declared a global pandemic.

Like most students across the nation, I found myself in front of a computer 5 days a week for around 8-10 hours a day. Over a year later, my situation remains the same. During these months, eye strain and depleting mental health became a common struggle of mine. Each and every day I wake up (usually a little later than I should) and limp to the computer, turn it on, sign in to Canvas, and attend my class meetings. At first, it was a piece of cake, but, over time, it became more and more of a challenge.