Mainstream 2021: Meet the Staff



The Mainstream Staff for 2021-22!

Mainstream Staff 2021-22, Mainstream Staff

After more than a year of mostly virtual learning, the Mainstream staff is excited and ready to get back to in-person instruction and, more importantly, the events and experiences that define high school.

This year’s staff is a small and inexperienced group that is led by seniors Rasmin Islam and Devin Etta, who will share the title of Editor-in-Chief for Mainstream

Both in their second year writing for Mainstream, Rasmin and Devin are looking forward to – covering school-related events, designing and printing out physical newspapers, and getting to know members of the PB community through interviews and profiles. 

Joining Rasmin and Devin on staff are senior Jago Prates, juniors Ameer Beharie, Shanghai Chang, AJ Yearwood, Aja Tambedou, Naomi Kyei-Asare, Jordan Lumsey, Fanta Dabo, Andrea Gill, Noah Asmelash-Haile, sophomore Amina Parks, and freshman Sage Suddleson and Amina Sankoh. Another group of students from our burgeoning Journalism Club will also contribute pieces this year and will look to bring fresh perspectives to our readers. 

Be sure to check for future pieces from all of our great writers!