Mainstream – May, 2022 – Full Issue PDF


Devin (left) and Rasmin (right).

Welcome to the second edition of Mainstream! Since our last publication, the editorial team has worked to refine their layout skills by exploring how to create more aesthetically-pleasing spreads using colorful backgrounds, original graphics, and more. Our student journalists have also continued to publish new content on the Mainstream website and distributed hundreds of copies of our first magazine to students, teachers, and other staff members here at PB.
With this being our last print issue of the year, we wanted to highlight the accomplishments of seniors who are merely weeks away from finishing high school. In this issue, you will find a list of post-graduation decisions titled “Senior Destinations,” including but not limited to going to college, joining the military, and entering the workforce. In addition, you will find “Senior Goodbye” pieces from the four senior staff members of Mainstream, counting ourselves, in which we reflect on our experiences as students in Journalism.
Besides senior-related content, our staff has also worked to write relevant articles on various topics they wanted to cover for this edition, including a focus on senior athletes, the NEC spirit week, and a feature on local news anchor and PB alumna Eun Yang.
It has been a great privilege to be the editors-in-chief of Mainstream this past year. While neither of us expected to take on this responsibility, we are incredibly grateful for the unique opportunities it has given us, including our friendship that blossomed along the way. We have had so much fun experiencing all that comes with in-person Journalism class for the first time, including, of course, publishing the first print issue of Mainstream in two years. Most importantly, however, it has been an honor to have contributed to a new chapter of Mainstream as we transitioned from a newspaper to magazine format. We spent an extensive portion of this year learning not only how to design spreads, but also how to adjust them to fit this modernized style.
As always, we applaud the dedication of the Mainstream staff, all of whom have published several passionate articles, podcasts, and other forms of content throughout the year. We are also sincerely thankful to our adviser, Mr. Woodward, who has supported us through our journey in Journalism every step of the way, from starting as junior staff writers to becoming senior editors. We hope you enjoy reading the final edition of Mainstream for the 2021-2022 school year.


Check out the FULL ISSUE PDF for May 2022.