Mainstream – December, 2022 – Full Issue PDF


Welcome to the first print edition of Mainstream for the 2022-2023 school year.

This year, Mainstream is led by five Advanced Journalism students who have taken on the exciting and daunting task of developing and publishing this first issue. They are joined by a support staff of fourteen Journalism 1 students who have provided content and support along the way.
Our Advanced Journalism students – four of whom are sharing the role of Editor-in-Chief this year – are all excited to share this issue with our readers and cannot wait to see what future print issues bring. Of course, if you ever want more content from our writers, you can check out our work online – including student podcasts – at

In your hands is one of the most interesting print issues yet (if we do say so ourselves) as it contains multiple pieces that examine controversial topics as well as insightful coverage of important news topics, both locally and nationally.

This first edition includes all of our well-known sections of News, Features, Center, Opinions, and Sports. It also contains a brand new puzzles page! Be sure to check it out for a Merry, Merry Mainstream word search, as well as a maze!

Though we are, ultimately, a small group of journalism students this year, the five of us are proud of how we worked together – with the help of our adviser, Mr. Woodward – to bring you an issue that we hope you enjoy and that makes you look forward to our next one! Happy Holidays, from Mainstream!