Students Reveal Their All Time Favorite Songs

Lan Huynh, Staff Writer

The bell rings and class is over. You put on your headphones, shuffle your playlist, and the first song begins. You turn up the volume and smile…


Most students find comfort in music. Whether it’s for listening while they work, simply passing time, or, perhaps most importantly, how they feel emotionally, music holds a special space in people’s hearts. Students who have an emotional connection to the melody and lyrics usually find songs to be the most influential part in their daily routine.  From making small changes such as taking a different route to class, to making a big impact such as talking to their high school crush or friends, music becomes your crutch to take you out of your comfort zone. Music can be the most influential thing in your life and the perfect stress reliever.


People are often asked the common questions related to their favorite genre or artist, but one question stands above these: Do you have a favorite song? 


For the Paint Branch students who responded to the question, a diverse range of genres were revealed. 


From the genre of Ethiopian Pop, senior Tasneem Ibrahim chose “Mar Eske Tuwaf” by Teddy Afro. She particularly likes this song not only because of the melody or the lyrics, but also because it reminds her of an “Ethiopian Romeo and Juliet.” As the song is in Amharic, Tasneem has been able to form a cultural connection to it. 


Senior Kimmie Nguyen, confidently states that ”Black Sheep” by Metric and “Flutter” by julie are her favorite songs. “They’re like angsty love songs and I like them!”


Senior Rakeb Dereje swiftly identifies “Softly” by Clario as her favorite, because “It’s chill and I like to vibe to chill music.”


Senior Bianca Adolfo happily states that her favorite song is  “I’m Not In Love” by 10cc.“It makes me feel like i’m in a movie!” 


Senior Nicole Birch’s favorite is “Good To Sea” by Pinback. “It reminds me of the 2000s…The intro always gets me when I listen to it”


Senior Tammy Nguyen, after researching her playlist intensely chooses “DICE” by NMIXX as her favorite before  adding, “It has really good tunes and I like all the vocals mixing.” 


Junior Sofia Pineda’s go to song is “Hey” by We Are King. “It sounds really pretty!”


Junior Micah Williams calmly identifies “Location” by Playboi Carti as her favorite. She says it is her favorite,“because it gets me in a chill mood.” 


Sophomore Ruth Kim says her top song is, “Nothing” by Bruno Major.“ It reminds me to not take small, precious moments for granted and always to be thankful for my family,.” she passionately states. 


 Current Student Member of The Board of Education President Arvin Kim, a junior at Walt Whitman High School, singles out “Wabash” by Cannonball Adderley as his favorite noting, “It’s really fun to listen to so if anyone wants to get into jazz, that’s my recommendation.”