Just Wait Until Next Year: Class of 2025’s Take on Approaching Junior Year




Abigail Alem, Staff Writer

With only six months until entering their junior year of high school, the class of 2025 here at Paint Branch is quickly approaching the level of being an upperclassman. Junior year to most students is known to be one of the more demanding years of a high schooler’s life. From SATs to searching for scholarships to identifying schools that you are interested in, junior year tends to be a packed year. 

It is clear that the current sophomore class is apprehensive about the next school year. “I’m kind of excited, but also stressed,” sophomore Rida states-adding, “From what I hear, it’s really stressful.” Other sophomores tend to feel the same way, with Martha Haile noting that “junior year is going to be an exhilarating but demanding year.” 

In February, sophomores started their registration process for the next school year, and while it was a simple process, setting course choices in stone can be daunting. “I’m worried that I’ve loaded too many rigorous courses into my junior year schedule,” Martha says. “I feel like I may not be able to cater enough time to each class.” Martha’s concern over time is a common worry heard from other sophomores as well. “I hope I’m not too stressed out from all the demanding classes I’m taking,” Beza notes. 

With so much uncertainty for the future, students often lose sight of the joys they’re going to experience in a new year of high school. PB has a variety of events to offer. From sports games to formal events, there is something special for all students to enjoy. “One thing I’m looking forward to are the football games,” Rida states. “I didn’t attend any this year so I’m definitely going to next year.”  

Even in unsettling times, our sophomore class knows how to push through. “Something I have learned this year is to persevere,” Beza reflects.“Even when things got a little tough and hard to deal with I persevered and I believe that it is a skill I will continue to use next year.” The fears of the future can consume us; but with the right motivation and determination, we can overcome them all.