It’s Never Too Early to Think About The Future; PB Rising Seniors Share Their Aspirations


Do Something Great Neon Sign by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Sumer Elsalawi, Staff Writer

Do you ever wonder what you’ll be doing in ten, maybe twenty, years from now? Is there a field of study you’ve set your heart on? Is there a particular job you envision yourself doing? Although we do have a good amount of time to figure out our desired future plans, it is never too early to start planning and have an idea of what you would like to pursue. 

There are thousands of career options around the world, and the number continues to increase each year. Whether it is an electrical engineer, a physics teacher, a construction worker, a nurse practitioner, or a sleep technologist, there is no limit to what you can do, as there are a plethora of jobs out there.

Some career pathways begin with academic majors where students dedicate themselves to a field of specialization. This allows them to get a thorough understanding of their field of study and later decide what interests them within their major. In “The Most Popular College Majors” for, Ali Trachta lists the forty-four most popular majors with the top five being: Business and Management, Nursing, Psychology, Biology, and Engineering. These majors are different from one another and provide opportunities in a variety of career paths. They are also connected, as mastery in one of these fields can be beneficial in the others. 

Despite the popularity of academic majors and the tracking of them in relation to specific areas of employment, one does not always have to attend college to find their destined career path. Some prefer jumping straight into the workforce so they can gain experience and later decide what they’d like to pursue. For example, those interested in jobs related to the armed forces can go straight into military service and gain insight into a variety of jobs in the hope of finding one that appeals to them. From there, they can attend college without excessive debt as their status as veterans will provide aid, or they can find employment as their experience in the military has given them valuable training in different fields. 

Similarly, those interested in becoming estheticians can apply for their cosmetology license after completing required training and attending an accredited cosmetology school. From there, they can use their license to become facial specialists, skincare specialists, medical estheticians, spa therapists, and much more. There are no constraints when it comes to future goals, as there are countless options for success. 

High school is the time when students begin thinking about their future career options, as different classes and new experiences begin shaping their ideas. When asked what career she’s interested in, PB junior Nohamin Legesse quickly responds with, “Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy both medicine and engineering and would love to pursue a career that combines the two.” 

Another junior, Ellie Azigi, shares similar thoughts to Nohamin as she also looks forward to a career as an engineer. She mentions, “I’ve developed a passion for chemistry and I plan on using my degree in chemistry to seek a career in chemical engineering.” 

Outside of the engineering field, PB junior Yeabsira Getachew shares ideas of her career interests, which happen to be similar to my own. She notes, “I’m interested in Law. I’d either be a defense attorney, I have a passion for advocating for people. Or, I could be an entertainment/production attorney, because I love the film industry and would like to ensure credibility to the correct parties.” 

Seifer Cushman, another junior, shares that he is “interested in kinesiology, as doing multiple sports has made me gravitate towards helping athletes and surrounding myself with sports.” 

There are a variety of exciting career options to choose from and there are many that cater to one’s own interests. Figuring out your career path is an exhilarating journey, and as we get older, we might grow out of old interests or find new ones that will influence our decisions. Even if you don’t have a clear image of what you would like to aim for, it is no worry, as the future is filled with endless possibilities.