The Rainforest? The Mountain Top? No, The Zen Den


Naomi Kyei-Asare, Staff Writer

Ahh, the sound of birds chirping and waterfalls flowing. A room with a comfortable temperature and lighting just dim enough to bring serenity to your mind.

Where is this beautiful place, you wonder. The rainforest? A mountain top? Middle of the countryside? No, all of this peacefulness is right here at the PB Zen Den

The Zen Den is a branch of the counseling department dedicated to students that is run by counselor Mrs. Felica Kimmel. The purpose in creating the Den, according to Mrs. Kimmel, was to “Create a space where students can find a moment of clarity and calm during their day.”  That is exactly the type of environment it embodies. 

The December 1st Den event adopted a theme of “no electronics/ time to unplug”. There were about 10-15 students in attendance and it was a break from the day’s usual fast-paced or bustling nature. Students engaged in activities such as calming coloring, playing with Play-Doh, meditation, making lava lamps, or even just sitting and relaxing. Each student was left to their own calming activity. 

When asked what brought them to the Zen Den on this day students replied with the general idea of unwinding. 

One student, Jessica, a senior, said that “It’s very calming and therapeutic in here,” while another, Danielle, also a senior, said, “I come to the Zen Den to escape the problems I face at home.”  

These responses demonstrate the calmness and help high school students so desperately need sometimes especially when they can’t get it at home. This is why the Den is such an essential part of Paint Branch.