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What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Everyone seems to have a different answer. It may be an “I don’t know,” or some type of doctor or they may be one of those people who changes their mind every second. Well, Autumn Peace, a freshman at Paint Branch who went to Francis Scott Key Middle School for 7th and 8th-grade year, has her mindset on exactly what she wants to do in the future. 

Autumn’s favorite subject is science. Now, usually when you prefer a certain subject that also means you want to go into a profession in that category, which is precisely the case with Autumn who hopes to one day be an “influential microbiologist.” As for her “ideal Saturday,'' Autumn says that the best way to decompress is,  “Laying down while reading a book.” Pressed on what her favorite book is She replies,  “The best-selling series Harry Potter.” 

The second question asked was simply, “What is your favorite band and/or solo artist?” Her response was she liked the band Panic! At The Disco and her favorite solo artist is Brendon Urie. Now we have all heard High Hopes on the radio but I decided to ask Autumn what her favorite song was and she responded by saying it was the song, Mona Lisa. 

Checking back in on that hypothetical Saturday, there are many things you can do while reading a book like twiddling your thumbs, kicking your feet, or chewing gum. If this were the case with Autumn, that gum flavor would be “watermelon.”  Seizing on the topic of fruit, her favorite fruit is, interestingly enough, not watermelon but honeydew melon. 

While Autumn is reading her Harry Potter book she can be seen lounging on the couch wearing a pair of leggings and white Converse, her favorite clothing items to wear. Maybe at the end of the day after reading a few chapters of her book if she were feeling special, for dinner, she would go to her favorite place, Roman Rooster, and order a honey butter spicy chicken sandwich. 

So, if you are ever looking for Autumn on a nice, casual Saturday, don’t be surprised to find her listening to “Mona Lisa,” chewing watermelon flavored gum while laying down on the couch, relaxing.

by: Amina Hall

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