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Lindsay Labady, Staff Writer

How do you think a girl from Long Island, NY would react to living in Maryland? Well, Lindsay Labady thinks it is boring and unamusing. She was born in Stony Brook, NY, and has lived in Brentwood, NY for 13 years. In 2017, her family had decided to move to Maryland. After living here for about 2 years, she now just wants to get out and go to places like France.

Traveling is just one of the things that Lindsay likes. Another thing she loves is being entertained. She likes listening to Michael Jackson because he has soul when he performs, and to her, he’s a legend. She also likes to watch inspirational movies like “Malcolm X”. “It’s a great movie; great acting and Malcolm X had an inspiring life,” Lindsay says.

Lindsay admires people like Malcolm X and this is, perhaps, why she is a huge believer in doing good in the world. She wants to be remembered for helping others and making a change in the world. A legacy is something that she wants to leave behind so her work won’t just end. To her, kindness must always be spread.

Lindsay’s thoughtfulness also translates into her clothing, a reflection of what’s inside. She always wears a pair of earrings from her parents, which means a lot to her. In her family, it is a tradition where each girl pierces their ears and then get gifted a pair of earrings from their parents. It is like a little token for her to wear as she represents her family. She also “rocks” her pair of glasses, which are amplified by her astounding confidence. Lindsay is a young person who does not let her insecurities get to her and continues to always do as she pleases.

by: Harkiran Loh

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Lindsay Labady