Reality Tv: Ethics or Entertainment?

Trinity Goppy, Features Editor

December 20, 2019

Why do people enjoy watching the suffering of others? This is the question that often comes to mind when I watch a reality television show. Shows like Love and Hip Hop, Survivor or Teen Mom are extremely popular and watched...

The Truth About Astrology

The Truth About Astrology

December 19, 2019

Halloween isn’t over yet; Ever heard of the LaLaurie Mansion?

Miah Duncan, Staff Writer

December 19, 2019

Have you ever been chased around the house with a whip? Or chained to a stove?  Well, maybe you haven’t but the slaves in the LaLaurie Mansion were.  According to the website for Ghost City Tours,  a ghost tour company that tours Sa...

Human Trafficking: What to Know About This Global Issue

Diamond Scott, Staff Writer

December 19, 2019

Sick, horrifying, disgusting, and unimaginable are just a few terms used when the subject of human trafficking comes to mind. It’s terrifying that humans are capable of causing such harm and trauma to each other; it’s beyond...

The Pisces Prophet: Dec. 14-Feb.14

Soncheree McCampbell, Features Editor

December 19, 2019

Congratulations! You’ve survived November’s Mercury retrograde. Let’s hope that this next period will be more gracious to you. On December 20th, Venus will enter Aquarius, where it will stay for 18 ¾ days. Aquarius is...

Humans are not Cancer: There’s Still Hope for Our Existence.

Nigus Getahun, Columnist

December 19, 2019

These days, when one opens any news channel, they’re bombarded with negative images about what is happening in our society, of moments that show our faults, of events that seem to signal a demonization of ourselves into individuals...

Technology at its Finest: Introducing Virtual Power Plants

Diamond Scott, Columnist

December 19, 2019

We all know the wonders of technology and its huge involvement in our lives - both the good and the bad. As we enter a new era, technology continues to evolve and is now making it possible to combat our biggest enemy yet, global...

The Critical Element of Hair Porosity

Giodona Campbell, Columnist

December 19, 2019

Do you ever wonder why your hair dries so fast? No matter how much hair grease and moisturizer you coat it with, it feels like dead grass the next day. Well, this is probably happening because you don’t know one of the most...

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