Valentine’s day: She Says

Justice Abbott, Staff Writer

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Between Christmas and Thanksgiving there’s one holiday that is – arguably – catered primarily to women. Around this time of year one can’t help but notice pink and red balloons everywhere, and heart-shaped cards in stores. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is definitely not just for couples. Do you remember back in elementary school when we stayed up late on February 13th signing V-day cards for our classmates? We use to be so excited to go around the class passing out our personalized cards and receiving cards in return. This is why V-day means more than just celebrating people in relationships. Additionally, people may just want to get a little something for their mom or siblings as a simple token of appreciation on V-day.

For us girls, Valentine’s Day is definitely in the running for top three holidays. We look forward to getting dressed up and going out for a romantic evening with our significant other. We receive gifts, candy, and/or flowers and we’re showered with love, which is always great! While the focus is on girls and all the love being shown toward us, this does not mean boys shouldn’t get the same attention.

However, boys don’t really seem to value V-day as a significant holiday for them, which may cause them not to appreciate being showered with gifts. This why V-day has been so closely associated with women over the years.

Valentine’s Day is not a contest of who can show the most love because, really, whom would the competition be between? The two people in a relationship competing to outdo each other for one day? That doesn’t sound logical, and it absolutely wouldn’t make sense for other couples to compete with one another. I’m sure no one is worried about another couple on V-day. If anything, this day is devoted to expressing your love to the person that means the most to you. Everyone celebrates V-day in their own way, and expresses their love in a way that is unique and personal to their relationships.

If you think V-day is the only day to show love and appreciation toward your significant other then you are totally mistaken. When you love someone you are going to show this day-in and day-out, but we acknowledge V-day as a day to openly and expressively celebrate love and affection. It’s almost like your birthday. Your family and friends love you and care about you every day of the year, but on your birthday, you receive presents and praise. You become the focus. This does not mean that all these people only care about you on your birthday, it’s simply a day to celebrate your life. So, just like your birthday, V-day does not invalidate one’s love toward someone on the other 364 days of the year. It is just a day to openly acknowledge the love that already exists, not create love for one day, and one day only.

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Valentine’s day: She Says