Students Respond to the Art Show

Emily Quan, Staff Writer

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Every year, the PB art department hosts an art show with one or more pieces from every art student in the school. The event provides a chance for multiple art forms to be seen and (hopefully) encourage others to take art and express themselves in new ways. Ceramics, digital art, photography, and traditional studio art are mediums on display during the show, providing a diverse body of work for the students and teachers to enjoy.

Senior Dominic Tolentino, a Studio 1 student who was among the artists on display, exhibited detailed work that covered a variety of mediums.

When asked what type of work is his favorite, he said “Graphite and charcoal drawings. The detail is crazy.” His work is a great representation of that love.

Junior Candy Lin, also a Studio 1 student, had a few pieces on display as well. Her favorite part of the art show was seeing “art that really stands out and pops, [There are pieces] that are really unique to the person who created it.”

One unique work that was an overwhelming favorite among students at the show was a large ceramic coral reef sculpture by Asiya Scott. Scott, a junior, had several ceramics pieces on display along with the massive coral reef, but she also had a full panel of paintings, all with a distinct style unique to her.

Asiya, a studio art and ceramics student, practices all kinds of art including sculpting, painting, wire making, sewing, and more. Having her work on display is “humbling” to her, as she has the opportunity to “compare herself to others, and have people like [me] come up to her and say her work is beautiful. It’s humbling.”

It’s clear to anyone who sees the volume and quality of her work that art is her life, and that’s exactly how she intends it to be. Scott already has an art business running, and intends to “make it a full time thing,” eventually.

On working with the PB art department, Scott says the department has challenged her, and forced her to come out of her comfort zone and learn new things. The exposure to different artists has helped her in building her focus.

A consensus among other students with work on display is that producing work for the show helps build a community of artists. When the show goes up in spring, the artists have the opportunity to compare their best work with that of their peers.

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