Winter Sports Fair

Malik McCallum, Staff Writer

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On Wednesday, October 10, the Winter Sports Fair took place at PB during LAP.  Gathered around the main staircase where all PB students pass by during lunch were coaches of winter sports looking to recruit students for tryouts.  

One of the coaches was PB Swim and Dive coach, Mr. Ramirez.” As students came to his table, he greeted them with, “Welcome to the Paint Branch High School Swimming Team.” He also asked those who came by,  “are you worthy of chasing your dreams of being the fastest swimmer?”

Also in attendance were some fall coaches, including some from the football program trying to bring in 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

All of the coaches on hand were there so they could recruit students and encourage them to try out some extracurricular activities. They wanted to see what they’re capable of doing for PB, and to help bring out the high school spirit in them.

As the fair began to come to its end, Mr. Ramirez could be heard telling prospective athletes, “Never give up on your dream, and try your hardest.”  His words, and the message that all of the coaches shared, is focused on letting students know that they are worthy of chasing their dreams and what they might become in the future.


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Winter Sports Fair