Celebrating 50 years at Homecoming- Students and Alumns Gather to reflect and reconnect

Soncheree McCampbell, Features Editor

The Classes of 2020-2023 came together to celebrate Paint Branch’s 50th Anniversary during homecoming the week of October 14th.

The week started strong with Pajama Day on Monday. Students, teachers, and staff members flooded the halls with robes, sleeping masks, and even onesies. Some even brought blankets to accompany them in their daily class naps.

Tuesday was Culture Day and PB Panthers decorated themselves in dashikis, saris, traditional dresses, jerseys, and many more representative clothing. Some students even went to the extent of wearing their countries’ flags throughout the day. Paint Branch yet again expressed and exemplified how diverse the school truly is.

On Wednesday the school celebrated Decade Day. Spirit died down a bit as most students dressed for comfort for the PSATs, but teachers went all out as a number of interesting figures roamed the halls including what many thought was Abraham Lincon walking the halls..

Thursday was the day that PB spirit made a reappearance as the school celebrated Pink & Toga Day. October is globally recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness month and many Panthers asserted their support for those who are or have been affected by breast cancer by wearing pink paint, tutus, leg warmers, and a variety of other outfits adorned in the bright hue. Seniors strutted their school dominance in their DIY togas.

All spirit days led up to Friday where students wore their class colors and the staff showed off their school merch. Freshman wore white, sophomores gold, juniors burgundy, and seniors black. Some students even wore spirit/war paint to school – and those who did not could pay to get it done during the Lit Mag’s Spirit Paint Fundraiser.

After classes on Friday, students came together at the pep rally, where the cheerleaders and poms performed and the homecoming kings and queens were announced. Students returned later that night for the 50th celebration during the game between PB and Northwood that the Panthers won easily, 42-6.
On Saturday night, students dressed up for the homecoming dance that, despite some questionable music choices, featured people crowded into each other in celebration.

In 2019, Paint Branch celebrated just as it has for 50 years, as a Panther family.