The Pisces Prophet: Oct. 23-Dec. 1

Sonchereé McCampbell, Columnist

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Astrology is more than just a fun way to know what your crush is thinking. If used in the accurate way, evaluating the positions of the planets, it can also predict someone’s feelings for the day. According to the cosmos, October 23rd to December 1st will be a time filled with deepened emotions, low communication, drastic new beginnings, and opportunities in leadership.

The week of October 23rd is when the sun shifts into Scorpio season. Since the Scorpio sign is a fixed water sign, we can expect emotions to be deepened, and for there to be a universal urge to discover truth and to search for change.

The week of October 27th introduces new beginnings. On the 27th, a new moon enters Scorpio, encouraging us to open up emotionally to our loved ones. It is also important to note that Mercury will enter *retrograde on October 31rd and will not stop until November 20th. Because Mercury is the planet that rules communication and technology, people should avoid making any large commitments or purchasing any new devices. Starting a new job or initiating a new project should be postponed. Also, the impulse to let people from your past back in will be present. Don’t give in! Instead, reflect, and if your feelings are the same after retrograde, you may engage.

Another notable event occurs on November 12th, where a full moon enters Taurus. Taurus energy stresses the importance of comfort and security, and is fixated on the five senses. That day, you may long for a cozy night near loved ones. Maybe burn a candle to elevate the good smells or listen to more vibey music in a bubbly bath. Try jazz!

In the week of November 25th, Venus will enter Capricorn, a new moon will enter Sagittarius, and Neptune will go direct in Pisces. Venus’ shift into Capricorn will call for people to want more self-control and responsibility within romance. Capricorn energy is traditional and prefers for surroundings to be predictable. The new moon in Sagittarius on November 26th will challenge our way of life, making us heavily ponder if our current routines align with our lifetime goals. Lastly, when Neptune goes direct in Pisces on November 27th, it will bring a long-lasting atmosphere of love. Because it takes 165 years for Neptune to travel through all of the zodiac signs, you can expect this atmosphere to stay the same for 13 years.

Find out what’s happening in the cosmos again on December 1st in the next paper!


Astrology Jargon:

*Retrograde: when a celestial object appears to
be orbiting backwards