U.S. Navy Confirms UFOs


Diamond Scott, Center Editor

Is there life beyond Earth? This is a tricky but simple question asked by all of mankind. The universe is a giant and virtually unknown place with billions of “what if’s,” including whether aliens actually exist or not.
Or, perhaps, that is no longer in question.
Recently, the world became a step closer to learning the truth about a topic that has stumped them for years: UFOs. Ariel phenomenon, more popularly known as unidentified flying objects (UFO), is the belief in mysterious objects or phenomena that can’t be explained by science and are widely claimed as extraterrestrial spacecraft. Videos of UFOs have crossed television screens and the internet for years. The debate over their authenticity has raged for just as long. It wasn’t until recently that the United States Navy confirmed that some of the decade old videos are indeed real.
The belief of aliens existing and visiting earth has skyrocketed in the weeks since the navy acknowledged this. According to CNN’s Eric Levenson, “The US Navy just acknowledged that three clips of declassified military footage released between 2017 and 2018 are actually ‘unidentified aerial phenomena’ — their words, not ours.”All of this has taken the world’s curiosity about UFOs and the universe to the next level.
With this new information, people are now more than ever pondering questions like “What is exactly beyond earth?” “Do aliens actually exist?” and “What else is the government hiding?” Add to these questions new concerns over public safety and you’ve got a topic that has captured everyone’s attention.