Kobe’s Legend Lives On

Angel Benjamin, News Editor

Just one week since the tragic deaths of Kobe Bryant, his 13 year-old daughter Gianna (Gigi), and seven others in a horrific helicopter crash in Los Angeles, people continue to struggle with how to move forward. In many cases, simply seeing the numbers 24 and 8 bring an emotional response due to the depths of the loss.

In the wake of this tragedy stands the significance of Bryant, a player who continues to leave his impact on the world through basketball and philanthropy. Known for his perseverance, skill, and strong attitude on the court, Bryant, since his retirement, had become known for other aspects of his life as well. Many family members, friends, and fans expressed their grief through tributes and messages of remembrance. They spoke of his caring and hardworking character, both in basketball and in life. They spoke of his philanthropic efforts, of how Bryant worked diligently for the advancement of youth, raised funds for cancer research, and donated to the Smithsonian’s African American History and Culture Museum, which is working on how and when to incorporate his Laker jersey into their exhibits.

Just hours after the accident, the 2020 Grammy Awards became not only the biggest night in music, but a night to remember Kobe and Gianna, and honor all of those who perished as musicians performed tributes to the basketball star throughout the evening. The following night, in New York City, the Empire State Building was aglow in purple and gold to honor the Laker star. Two days later, in Italy, the AC Milan soccer club that Bryant passionately supported led a tribute to the fallen star before a match. Despite the pain that many have felt, they have taken solace in the fact that the star’s legacy will play on for generations to come.