PBHS Edge Pigskin Podcast – NFL Week 10



Week 10 in the NFL brings some big games as mid-season jostling for playoff seeding begins.

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Raise your hand if you had Miami taking down the Ravens on Thursday night? If your hand is up, you are either a Miami fan or a much better prognosticator than our crew as each of us picked the Ravens in a walk and thus started this week’s slate of games 0 and 1.
Will last night’s surprise in South Florida be one of many upsets on the weekend or did the Fins just catch the Ravens on an off-night? Can the Browns build off of last week’s domination of the Bengals as they head to New England? Will the Football Team find a way to take down TB12 and the Bucs this time around? Just who will play quarterback in the big matchup between the Seahawks and Packers? How many questions can one writer possibly ask?
Listen in for the crew’s answers to these questions and a few more as they discuss the biggest matchups in the NFL this week on the PBHS Edge Pigskin Podcast.


Pigskin Podcast – Week 10 (audio)


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